Aquarius Lagna





royal Blue, Shining black, red, orange, yellow and all shades of shining blue.

Green, smoke gray, steel gray and dull colors.



Gem Stones: Diamond Emerald, gomedh and cat's eye
Remedial Measures
Charities to poor students
Fasting on Tuesday

These are common suggestions for Aquarius Lagna in general. Please contact the Astrologer for specific recommendation according to your own personal horoscope.

The sign Aquarius is the mooltrikona sign of Saturn, who rules the physical health of Aquarians fully.  It rules legs, ankles, blood and its circulation, shin bones, etc.  If Saturn is weak and the sign Aquarius is afflicted by functional malefics, the native stands chances of suffering from cancerous diseases, wounds, fracture of lower portion of the leg, etc., in the body parts signified by this sign.

Aquarius is a talkative, positive, human and airy sign, and signifies characteristics like honesty, ideals and sensitiveness, etc. depending upon the strength of Saturn in the nativity.  Aquarians are very active, industrious, deliberative, leaders of non-affluent sections of the society, and courteous.  Weak Saturn makes Aquarians suspicious and lethargic.  They are comparatively more concerned about the ends in comparison to means.  They are invariably not content with their possessions.

The fast moving planets, the Moon and Mercury, are functional malefics for Aquarians, besides the nodes.  As a result of this, recurrent short lived disturbances are more in the lives of Aquarians.   A strong Mars, whose Mooltrikona sign falls in the third house, turns them to the field of communications, which suits their general nature of a thinker.  Close conjunction/aspect of the Moon with functional benefics or the mid point of the houses puts them in a disadvantageous position, due to disputes and diseases.  A strong Sun blesses them with a spouse from a well connected family.

A strong Mercury blesses them with good inheritance but at the same time its close connection with any other planet or mid point of a house is highly undesirable due to Mercury's functional nature being malefic.  A strong Venus, in its periods, promises good fortune and a noble wife.  A combust Mercury endangers the smooth continuance of married life.  Powerful connection of a strong Jupiter with the house of profession, finances or any other house indicates progressive future during the periods of Jupiter.

Aquarians are writers, thinkers, servants, leaders of non-affluent sections of society and industrialists.  As Saturn is a significator for longevity, its strong position in the chart blesses the native with a long life.  They are traditional in their approach, but can resort to even undesirable means to achieve their ends.