Sagittarius Lagna





Yellow, Red, Maroon

White, steel gray and dull brown.



4, 8
Gem Stones: yellow Sapphire Pearl, hessonite (gomedh) and lasonia (cat's eye)
Remedial Measures
Be considerate to wife
Fasting on Monday

These are common suggestions for Sagittarius Lagna in general. Please contact the Astrologer for specific recommendation according to your own personal horoscope.

Sagittarius rising in the ascendant gives magnificent personality and such persons are best suited for training or advisory roles due to their pleasant presence.   The body description gets modified, if Jupiter is weak in the nativity and, Jupiter and/ or the ascendant are closely associated by malefic planets.  Sagittarians believe in hardwork and God.  They are humorous and generally maintain composure.  They are clever, progressive, generous, organized, ambitious and successful, when Mars and Mercury are strong in the nativity. They are straight-forward, vocal and extroverts.

Sagittarius is a fiery sign ruled by Jupiter.  The sign rules hips, thighs, arterial system and nerves.  An afflicted ascendant with weak Jupiter poses health problems to the native on account of anemia, poor digestion, jaundice, high fever, cold, diabetes, etc. etc.

Besides Rahu and Ketu, the Moon is the only other functional malefic for the Sagittarians.  As the Moon is a fast moving planet, the transit unfavorable events caused by the Moon are very very short lived, as the Moon separates from the conjunctions/aspects in a matter of just few hours.  The stress areas for Sagittarians are the indications of the tenth house and the all-pervading impediments.  The impediments are caused by the transit impact of the Moon and the transit and/ or natal weakness of weakness-prone Mercury.  Weakness of Mercury is responsible for stress in the work area.

A strong and well placed Sun confers name, fame and evolution of the soul, while a well placed and strong Venus blesses the native with affluent financial gains and resources. Sagittarians are very cautious in their endeavors as the third house is ruled by Saturn.  A strong and well placed Mars makes them dynamic and blesses with male children as the mooltrikona sign of Mars falls in the fifth house.  Mars acts for them as a yogakaraka planet.  A strong Moon confers inheritance. A lot of their energy and time is dissipated because of extravagance in the matter of uncalled for advisory assumed by them.  Self control in this regard will help them in using the savings for their material and spiritual growth.. The peculiarity of the Sagittarius ascendant is that they remain dissatisfied in life, as their achievements are not commensurate to their knowledge and competence.  Their knowledge and competence is governed by Jupiter, while achievements are governed by the state of strength of Mercury.  Sagittarius is otherwise an enviable sign to be born in, as irrespective of their status and level of knowledge, people may throng in for their advice.  They generally maintain good physical health.

Depending upon the strength of the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury, the Sagittarians take up professions of religious preceptors, teachers, managers, legal and financial advisors.  The strong Sun in its period indicates involvement and success in administrative and political fields.  The powerful influence of other functional benefics does change the course of professional pursuits of Sagittarians.